Dog Chiropractic Plus Cold Laser Special.
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650nm/5mW Red acupuncture cold laser.  Plus the dog chiropractic book.  Great technique to help                                                                           prevent canine hip dysplasia.  Plus an effective canine                                                                               bladder control technique.

Fantastic Deal.  You get a high quality red (650nm/5mW) acupuncture laser that is also used by vets and dog owners to help treat skin issues.  This laser takes two AAA batteries.  New batteries last for over 3 hours of treatment.  You also get a signed copy of The Well Adjusted Dog book by Dr. Daniel Kamen, D.C., canine chiropractic pioneer.  This book details over 24 dog adjusting moves, step-by-step, plus it covers a lot of conditions and and case histories.  Full spine, legs, hips, pelvis, tail, and jaw.  You also get Dr. Kamen's complete horse and dog chiropractic technique videos that demonstrate all of the techniques step-by-step.  All of the videos are on one flash drive. Bonus:  You also get a 35 minute equine skeletal anatomy video.  This video is also on the flash drive.  You will also learn the Pre-Race-Adjusting Sequence (for horses) which can make your horse more efficient and shave fractions off the time.

When bought separately, the book costs $29.00.  The videos on the flash drive cost $65.50.  The red laser costs $75.00.  All totals $169.50.  With this current special you get everything for $125.00 total. No charge for shipping (U.S. orders only).

Bonus:  You also get a packet of acupuncture treatment formulas plus acupuncture charts for horses, dogs, and cats.

This is a limited time special.

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Dog Chiropractic Plus Cold Laser Special.

Price: $125.00
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