High Resolution Thermal Imager. See Where Your Horse Hurts.
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See where your horse hurts!* Could be valuable information to know before the race.  See pictures and videos with this imager.

The Vetro Imager II is our highest resolution thermal imager. It produces detailed heat images.  Most other thermal imagers with this level of detail cost over $1,000, some as much as $3,000.  FREE Shipping.

This imager comes with a user manual with equine thermal image examples.  It also comes with my horse and dog chiropractic technique videos on a flash drive.

I really think you will like this imager.  


Thermal imaging resolution 200x150
Angle of view 35°x 26°
Temperature Range -40°℃-330℃
Thermal sensitivity 65mK
lmage frame rate 9Hz
Color plate: white heat /Black heat Rainbow/1 Rainbow2/Purple/Orange
/lron gray/ High temperature high contrast High and low temperature high contrast.

Accuracy Ambient temperature 25℃
Distance 0.3M
Emissivity 0.1-1.0 ( can be adjusted )
Spectral response 8-14um
Visible resolution 300,0o0 pixels (640x480)
Display mode infrared mode infrared edge detection mode.
Dual light fusion mode
Focus Mode Fixed
Storage medium Built in 2G
General parameters Language Chinese l English ( can be selected )
lmage saving format Bitmap ( BMP ) image
Display type 2.8 inch TFTLCD
Screen resolution 240x320
Automatic shutdown features 15seconds / 30 seconds/ 1 minute ( can be selected )
Temperature unit ℃ / °Fi K ( can be selected )
Working temperature -10°℃-45°℃
Memory card 16GB Mini TF Card
Battery 3.7V 1 5000mAh
Drop test 2 meters, ( 6.5 inches )
Shutter interval 15 seconds / 30 seconds / 1 minute
Product size 60mm*120mm*210mm

*This thermal imager does not take the place of a veterinary exam. Only
a licensed veterinarian is qualified to diagnose and treat animal medical
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High Resolution Thermal Imager. See Where Your Horse Hurts.

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