The Well Adjusted Horse Book Plus Video Set. Ltd. Special. $69
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 The horse chiropractic videos are on a flash drive, not a DVD.

Special autographed edition.  Each book is signed and dated by the author, Dr. Daniel Kamen,D.C., the same day the order is received.  Original signature.  Not a stamp.  When bought separately, the book costs $36.00 and the video set costs $65.50.  You save $35.50 by buying this combo set.  Limited time special.  $69.00 and no shipping.  There will never be a better price for this book/video combo set.  Makes a great gift for any horse owner or anyone you know who works with horses.

The Well Adjusted Horse book is 321 pages and teaches you how to perform over 36 different horse chiorpractic moves, plus the evaluations.  All moves are done by hand.  No adjusting instruments are used.  There is a section on muscle work and common equine conditions.  The goal of the chiropractic adjustment, along with the muscle work, is to improve joint and muscle function wherever possible.  If a horse moves better, they can perform better and with less pain.

You actually get two videos.  One is the 35 minutes Equine Skeletal Anatomy video and the other one is the two and a half hour technique video.  The equine skeletal video shows Dr. Kamen explaining the important skeletal points in front of a life size horse skeleton. Very instructive.  The technique videosshows how to perform each horse chiropractic move in detail, step-by-step.  There are moves for the poll (atlas--first neck bone), the rest of the neck, withers, mid back, lumbars, sacro-iliac joint, tail, legs, and jaw.  Plus the Pre-Race Adjusting Sequence is presented which can help take fractions off the time.  Barrel racers love using this sequence. Can really help performance.

These are the professional moves used by equine chiropractic veterinarians, chiropractors, and eventers.  These are also the same moves Dr. Kamen teaches at his hands-on horse adjusting clinic.  

Here is the book as described on Amazon.  Over 100,000 copies sold.

Horse riders, horse lovers, equestrians everywhere will enjoy this new book from our favorite colorful chiropractor, Dr. Daniel Kamen. Here in his latest animal chiropractic book Dr. Dan explains how any horse owner or stable keeper can take proper care of their animal. These animals are the equine version of a highly trained athlete, he says, and like any athlete they are susceptible to injury. Whether the patient is human or animal, the basic chiropractic technique┬Śmanipulating the spine to return misaligned bones┬Śis the same. Kamen says, "If it has a spine, I can work on it." With the aid of a step ladder for height, and a few easy to follow techniques you can learn how to give your animal the proper care he needs to keep him on track. Dr. Kamen has treated racehorses he says, for what he terms, "a nagging backache." With his trademark humor, highly entertaining stories about his adventures as an animal chiropractor, Dr. Kamen has again delivered a book that will be delight to equestrians. A wonderful giftbook for horse-lovers. So ... Happy trails!

You get all of these for $69.00.  Biggest bargain in equine chiropractic education anywhere!  Lots of practical information you start using right away.


The Well Adjusted Horse book, Equine Chiropractic Methods DVD, and Equine Skeletal Anatomy DVD.

Dr. Daniel Kamen, D.C. graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1981 and has been licensed to practice in Illinois ever since.  He was certified by the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association in 1993.  Dr. Kamen has conducted over 400 hands-on horse adjusting clinics worldwide.  He was featured on the front page of The Wall St. Journal for his work with animal chiropractic, and appeared on The Late Show, Good Morning America, Fox Pet News, Extra, and The Disney Channel.

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The Well Adjusted Horse Book Plus Video Set. Ltd. Special. $69

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