A Customer's Experience Using Our Single Diode Red Laser For Her Dog's Ear Mites.

Hello Dr. Kamen, you know me, we've shared Ciao and his experience with your cold lasers a while back. I have my Class IIIB Laser and my single diode red acupuncture laser. My fifth chow, Ciao, now has almost four months of fighting ear mites. I've tried everything.  The other night I sat down and put my single diode red laser in his ears and massaged his head for 30 miutes. He's had 3 treatment so far.  The redness faded almost overnight and I pulled out a bunch of the gunky stuff this morning after 2 days of not, but looking into his ears, they're clean (I watch him closely and keep them clean with my own colloidal siver that I make, organic vinegar, oils, etc) but now i wonder if the laser has made an inhospitable environment for the mites and they're giving up the ghost. Ciao is showing no signs of head shaking or tenderness when I touch his ears and the color on the inside flap and into the ear canal is completely normal. He's in good spirits, but for 112 degrees today in Phoenix! I truly hope you're in great spirits and far far away from Covid:) Hope to hear from you soon.  God bless my friend, Diane and Ciao.

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