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  • Sold for animal use only. Results may vary. The Vetrolight is an LED torch featuring 8 red and 8 infrared LED diodes. Total output is 500mW. Note: Before using or buying any therapy equipment for your animal, or administering any treatment, you should consult with a licensed veterinarian first. Even though thousands of clinical applications using light therapy have been favorable, no claims can be made on its health benefits or anticipated outcome of treatment. When you buy any LED or cold laser from this site or from the owner of this site (using PayPal, Googlecheckout, by phone, mail or any other means) you agree to never use these lasers in public. The buyer assumes full responsibility for their actions in the use of the LED and lasers sold here. State and or Federal Laws may apply when using lasers. It is up to the buyer of any LED or laser sold here to comply with these laws. For Veterinary Use Only. Federal Law prohibits the distribution of this device for human use. Not sold where prohibited by law.